How I Met Your Mother is a show.
Also my girlfriend is there too

New work policies at my previous job.

Work related injury at my previous job.

I love snow, and winter, and vortexes

My girlfriend got locked out of her car today and it was still running, thankfully I have a friend who has tools to get into locked cars so it was fixed.

But still, fuck this car.

My cat got in the last photo so I gave him a guest appearance.

Leo is a cute fluffy cat which our family has nicknamed “yagachi” the Shoshone word for crier (we really like the movie Wind River ok?). 

What’s this over here? MORE SNOW!

Good morning Wisconsin, what do we have here? Snow!

Fountain of Youth Games, a store in Eau Claire Wisconsin, that specializes in Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer Fantasy/40k.

If you ever are in the Eau Claire area, come on down to 216 Water Street.

because I don’t have a scanner… art by K Sisson

at Daisho con 2013 I ought a plush from FollyLolly and went to an artist who did $5 quick sketches I didn’t have a character in mind so I asked her to draw the plush as a meteorite, I was NOT disappointed.

Warhammer 40k is a fun little miniatures war-game where you control an army an beat the other army, usually by killing them.

Picture here is an army of Necrons.